"A friend referred me to Chris during a time I was very anxious. We had a session together and whether it was the placebo affect or not, I felt an incredible shift. It really was amazing. I felt so much more grounded and present and back in tune with myself instantly and I woke up the next day back to myself. He checked up on me and gave me homework and really cared about how the session went and how I felt afterwards as I continued to improve. Can’t thank you enough, Chris. Amazing service!!”

James Oliver, Greece


“The illumination session with Chris was very powerful. I went through deep anger and resistance, which completely changed during the session. A strong affirmation came up and I felt very strong and confident. Chris intuitively knows what to do and say, the same when he did bodywork on me. He knows where to put his fingers and finds all the trigger points. Thank you Chris.”



"I have known Christopher for 4 years and have been familiar with his training and work. Recently I have been dealing with issues in my life such as anxiety, depression and grief. When these issues began to affect my daily life, I was lacking energy and sleeping too much, I had no doubt but to contact Christopher. Due to having moved country it was not practical to have one to one healing sessions. Even from the first session I began to feel a warmth and connectedness that I had not for some time. During the healing I felt tingling especially in my back and legs, where I feel I had been lacking strength. I began to sleep better at night and have less nightmares. The boost in my energy levels allowed me the motivation to focus on my new life.”


Colmar, France

After months of pain in my neck, shoulders and knees I accepted Christopher’s offer of ‘Distant Energy Healing’. Surprisingly after the 1st session I noticed a considerable difference, there was less tension and most of the pain had gone giving me a pain free full night sleep, the first I had had in months. After 3 sessions I had no pain and had been able to stop taking pain killers. My energy levels are back to normal and I’m feeling more emotionally balanced and relaxed. I would recommend having Distant Energy Healing from Christopher and hope others can have benefit from his gift.”

Mrs Smith

Glasgow, Scotland

“‘Last month I suffered from a very severe tonsillitis that wouldn’t clear up, I was in bed for a week with infected tonsils and fever. I received a Distant Energy Treatment from Christopher one evening and by next morning my fever was away and I was able to swallow pain free. I would definitely have this treatment again as well as recommend it to anyone. It does work!.”


Glasgow, Scotland

“Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for the free Shamanic Healing session that I won. I was ecstatic that I won it, because I felt it was exactly what I needed and it was.
It is amazing what can be done remotely. I followed the instructions you had given me and was so relaxed that I fell asleep and woke up without any alarm or prompting when it was done. I woke up feeling detoxified. If anyone has ever received a detox massage it is similar to that. I just drank a lot of water and to “flush” it all out and WOW! What you picked up was right on the money. You brought to my attention things I didn’t want to acknowledge that I was thinking and feeling. And again, thank you, you did not leave me hanging on them either.
The “homework” you had given me on what to do to progress as a person and spiritually has been so helpful. Overall, it was an amazing experience and one I highly recommend. The fact that it does not matter where a person is located to receive this is great! Thank you again!!! Woohoo!!!”



“With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, I want to thank Chris. I was blown away by the uncanny accuracy of the information that was provided by him. Chris conducted a distance healing session with me and the reading he provided was spot on! During the session I felt a distinct tingling sensation throughout my body starting from my legs, through to my abdomen, chest and then my head. At one stage I felt a release of energy and cried, mentally thanking Chris. I also found myself pressing on a lump that I had found on my upper right ear a few days before, one which had been causing me some concern. The lump has since reduced in size and isn’t painful to touch anymore.

I had to laugh when Chris mentioned in his reading that around 2/3’s of the way that he had felt a disturbance and asked if I had gone to check my emails, because I had actually been strongly resisting the urge to do so, but had actually walked over to the window to check on something. (Sorry Chris!)

I was further blown away by Chris indicating a specific day the following week, Tuesday to be exact, where I should be open to an invitation from someone who could help me with the potential of teaching or presentations. It turned out to be a webinar to do with creating and presenting webinars/workshops.

The follow up exercises that Chris gave me, the accuracy of the reading and the follow up phone call were all immensely supportive, accurate, and left me with a sense of peace, complete with a great night’s sleep! Thank you Chris.”

Ms R, Scotland

Nutritional Therapist

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